Brianna’s Getting Comfortable

Brianna is your perfect california babe – perfect golden tan, tawny blonde hair, blue eyes and great sexy legs. When she walked in, all we ever wanted to do was strip her naked and feast our eyes on her beautiful body. We didn’t want to scare her though so we let her get comfortable in the powder room first before we started fucking her tight little hole.

Brianna's Getting Comfortable

We didn’t want to leave her all alone so we followed her right inside and it was a good thing we did. This litle minx was stripping and when she pulled off her sweater, we instantly had a huge erection with those perfect milk globes covered in just her pink bikini top. She saw just how much we were drooling at her tits and finally gave us a little something for comfort. She stripped all off, got over the counter, spread her legs and cupped her big tits. She looked so good we all just wanted to ride her hard all day.

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